AsherXino makes safety of OUR community a fundamental aspect of what we do - the safety of our people and everyone associated with our operations; the protection of the environment; and the operational integrity of our equipment. We firmly believe that we can conduct our operations in an incident-free environment - all the time, everywhere. That is what we stand for and we strive to achieve that vision.


Health & Safety

AsherXino strongly believes that our employees are our greatest assets, and their safety is paramount to us.  We will never compromise providing a condusive work environment for our employees.
AsherXino has initated program of periodical, thorough medical examinations for all it’s employees assigned and/or frequently travelling overseas. The program is primarily designed to highlight and address possible pre-existing conditions and therefore prevent a sudden deterioration during the overseas deployment. This program directly benefits employees as it gives the necessary heads-up whenever a medical issue is deleted.

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AsherXino is comitted to our vision of social and environmental responsibilities.  We demonstrate our commitment to our social and environmental Responsibility every day through the use of industry “best practice” environmental standards and considerations for the environments we operate in.  We ensure that thorough environmental assessments is conducted prior to, during and after each project.