Proper corporate governance is of great importance to the Board of directors of AsherXino Corporation. Our corporate governance framework is currently been developed to address AsherXino’s responsibilities to all of our stakeholders (including our shareholders, employees and the broader community in which we operate) in such a manner that will maximize the contribution of the Board and management to the success of the corporation.

These Guidelines, including our Company’s Bylaws, Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, will be published shortly on AsherXino’s corporate website and will be available in print to any stockholder who requests them:

  • Corporate Governance Elements
  • Policy on Continuous Disclosure and Market Communications
  • Board Charter
  • Corporate Code of Conduct
  • Summary of Directors’ Code of Conduct
  • Audit & Risk Committee Charter
  • External Audit Policy
  • Remuneration Committee Charter
  • Nomination Committee Charter
  • Securities Dealing Policy
  • Shareholder Communications Policy

The Board is currently reviewing its corporate governance practices as appropriate and our corporate webpage will be updated accordingly.